Friday, August 17, 2012

the one about a black cat

boy it sure has been hot here - like melting the witch HOT!

I have had trouble focusing on crafting or blogging about crafting...its all I can do to be still and get
myself cooled down. I did play with some fun things I got at the 1.00 store. I have seen on various
blogs people making their own apothecary jars  and well my store didn't have the right
jars to make those but I found these instead and tried to figure something out...
I used some of my trusty spray paint -and I gotta tell you I wasn't sure that the paint 
would adhere to the glass but it sure did and it was such a nice glossy finish... I painted
the bottom candle stick in black and the votive holder I used

some of this can of frosting (that I have had for over a year now) on the top holder
my idea was to spray paint a design onto the jar but it was way to hot to stand outside and
figure that out - so after a quick spray I decided to use these...

these negative stencils I created using Tim Holtz dies....I used regular black paint
and the stencil to pounce paint on the frosted votive holder. See how light it was?
I waited till it dried then went over it with a paint brush to darken the image up a bit...

see how much darker it got....Then I added some fun the top - ball fringe
and just added it with a glue gun...

and of course it needed some more color so I added an orange tulle bow to the front...

super cute right? Looking at it now it almost looks like a GOBLET - like a
Halloween drinking cup right??? Now before you stop and ask yourself what the heck
would I do with this? Well I could see this holding a candle (duh) or why not fill it with some treats
make a bunch and line them down the middle of your Halloween table...Genius right?

oh and that HUGE pumpkin there is NOT only the coolest thing ever.

Well try it out and have fun with it. Hope your day and weekend is nice and cool where you are...
we'll be staying nice and cool in the air conditioned house here...spending time I'll have more to share late in the week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Alison said...

You're well-prepped for halloween with these fab pieces Tina!
It's been obscenely hot here today...well for England said 35!
Have a good weekend xx

Anonymous said...

This is such an awesome project!! I love your idea and thanks for sharing!! HUGS :)

StasaLynn said...

The goblet is WAY TOO CUTE! You did a great job and I am loving the pumpkin too. We have been wicked hot too - but now only 104 instead of 117..... I'll take it!

You try to stay nice and cool too! Take care!

Basement Stamper said...

Love these and how you added the trim on the top!