Wednesday, July 25, 2012

its OWL good

I mentioned before that I was re-doing my room and I have been hunting down some fun
and different accessory pieces to add to my space and well I wanted to share this one with you.
I found this sweet OWL at an estate sale - for 1.00 and while I am loving it in its true form
it just doesn't go with my color scheme...
so I decided to take out my trusted can of paint (spray paint to be exact)

cute and totally retro piece right?

see what a bit of spray paint will do for something so ordinary...

it makes that piece a bit more EXTRA-ORDINARY

I love this piece now and it goes so well in my space now...

love the texture that this piece has. The spray paint doesn't hide any of the
ware and tear on my sweet owl...

I always have some spray paint on hand for just these types of quick fix ups.

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Basement Stamper said...

Super cool, that owl is gorgeous and I love how it looks spray painted!

craftmates said...

Very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

The owl is awesome! It reminds me of my grandma...she loved owls!! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend! :)

Sherry Williams said...

I have so many owls, owl collecting started with my great grandmother and I have carried it on, I love them it's something I share with my grandmother.

I have seen this and wanted to do it to some of mine but most are antique and I didn't want to lose the value and uniqueness of them.

But yours looks great!

I found you on the blog hop and followed

.musthavewear said...

I love repainting! I will go around the house armed with a spray can, looking for my next victims. =)

Have just started following your amazing blog! Looking forward to reading more posts from you.

Come and say hi sometime!