Wednesday, July 18, 2012

something from nothing

like any real crafter out there I try new things all the time. Some are totally EPIC
and sometimes they are an epic fail. Take for instance these square lavender filled sachets
not sure what I was thinking - they are pretty but didn't really think this idea thru...not really much to them...
and to be totally honest - when I placed them on my table at my last boutique people asked
what are these? Uh, well isn't it obvious? OBVIOUSLY NOT!

So I played with them for a bit and pulled out some other bits and bobs
and decided to repurpose them...leaving the shape the same but adding some fun trim to them.

And check this out - some ribbon, some velcro and some sewing and
some wrist pin cushions that smell terrific...

sewed the ribbon on then sewed on the velcro to make it adjustable 

cute right? and happy to make something from nothing and it turned out better
then the first go around...lovin'em!

here are all three lined up sort of the same but a bit different.

hah--love to be able to make something even BETTER - I am so thrilled and will be sharing this
at the following parties:


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Anonymous said...

Oh so very chic!! Beautiful fabrics and colors!! Brilliant idea! :)