Friday, July 27, 2012

Sew crafty-Pillow

I have always loved sewing projects and I pretty much have NO experience sewing (for real)
I can sew straight stitches easily but never "REALLY" when I decided to make some NEW
pillow covers for our IKEA accent pillows that sit atop our IKEA couch - I figured I would
just follow the "LOOK" of the old pillow covers---easy right?

I mean it's just a simple pocket envelope style pillow cover with the button closures

cute toile pattern and nice but I was tired of I picked a funky pattern and
with some color in it and tah-dah

here is my new pillow cover....minus the button hole closures - I added velcro instead
I know cheesy and if you don't EXAMINE the sewing construction - it looks pretty
close to the other one right? I am pleased and my hubby loved the new cover
and my kids thought they looked pretty cool too...I need to make one more and then
my couch re-do will be done. I can get "sew"-crafty at times but so long as there is no one
checking the pre-cisness - I am good to go.
(Note to self: sign up for that sewing class once & for all!)

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have a creative weekend

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Hilary Lambert said...

I love your pillows! I need to take a sewing class myself, my husband asked if I could stitch up a small whole in his slacks the other day and it didn't come out quite as I expected. I think I actually made them look worse!

Found you on FBH, following! Follow back?!