Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend in pictures-instagram

this weekend was unbelievably busy. Friday I needed a pamper me day. I went with my sweet friend to get our nails done and decided to get in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. Aren't my nails fun?
Friday night me and the hubbs had a date night - we went out to eat then to a couple of local bars to check out the scene. What we figured out  - is that we are not even close to the right age to be in the clubs these days...Oh woah is me. I guess we belong in the biker bars with the old guys and their gals...

and finally on sunday I went with some friends to the lavendar festival in Cherry Valley. We had a lot of fun and spent most of the day there. Sure am glad I took my iphone with me...

here's hoping you had just as fun & busy a weekend and spent it with the ones you love.


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