Monday, January 21, 2013

Creating Keepsakes

I love scrapbooking and I have declared that more than once here on the old blog, and as much as I believe that times change and things change and people ideas change with the digital era, BUT I think that scrapbooking is so important. Enough so, that I continue to make my small intimate paper bag albums...which start off with one of these...I sew the center of bags for extra reinforcement and durability for all the hand touching sure to be shared with these albums.

I also make accordion albums that also hold photos and are ready to go - just add photos and your scrapbooking is done.

These types of albums are fun because they fan out and are double-sided and look great spread out like you see below

These look great on your desk at work and invite people to check out your family photos.

See there plenty of room for photos...

Cute, easy & pre-made - can it get better than that.

Another type of scrapbook I make are made of chipboard and I usually bind them either with book rings or coil bindings - I love to coordinate my papers and my embellishments and make my albums look like something that anyone would love to GIVE as a GIFT or keep for themselves.

This album is a bit rustic & shabby-ish wouldn't you say?

Love these papers and the colors in chartreuse, grey & yellows...LOVELY

I like to add minimal embellishments but still fun & matchy so that your photos make the album POP!


As you can see I am all about CREATING KEEPSAKES and because most people don't feel that they can make one I do if for them and I absolutely LOVE doing it.
I guess that's why I say with times changing and things going digital and things get easier then ever - I am glad to know that there are a few of us left that are still holding on to the hands on approach to scrapbooking.
I think its important to create those keepsakes and when they are this small it makes them easier to finish and much less stressful and hey they make a great gift.
If you are interested in any of these albums I have them listed in my ebay shop...
Here's wishing you a happy journey in your own personal scrapbooking projects.
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Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous project Tina!! Love your book design! HUGS :)