Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Playing with TAPE

Boy this is a slow start to the new year and my plan for blogging more...but I just don't feel it - I guess to be totally honest --- I have decided to blog when I have something to share - to share things I think others could do and benefit from. I don't want to feel obligated or pressured. It's part of my New Years "GOALS" to LIVE for now - to NOT stress about the little stuff. To do what I like to do and share it when I do. Easy Breezy

ok back to crafting:

So I have 2 girls and they love to wear their hair in all different ways - sometimes up - sometimes down, sometimes braids sometimes pig tails...if you have girls you feel my pain :)

I recently found some cute hair bows at a craft show and decided to try them myself...so I went out and bought some fun DUCT TAPE...did you know that it comes in a TON of amazing colors and patterns??? Who knew....so I went a little crazy and got about 6 rolls

I mixed up the different tapes and created a bunch of matching but NOT bows...that my girls can wear together or wear them separately.
So here is the HOW---
tear or cut off about 6 inches of tape - then fold it in half so you'll end up with a 3 inch bow - cut it larger of you want a bigger bow. then cut a small piece of tape just the width of the ribbon and about 1/2 inch that'll be your wrapped center and where the bobby pin will push through and attach to the hair.
I usually scrunch the bow in my fingers to get the look of the bow I want then wrap the middle with the cut piece of tape (in a different pattern)

Not a hard thing to do and imagine the variations
Your girls will be the coolest and hippest little chicks out there. At least I think mine are.
hey and if you use a 40% coupon then you can get a roll of tape for about 3.00 not bad...eh!
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have a great week

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Basement Stamper said...

Your duct tape bows turned out fabulous. I know one of the Mom's on our cheer team did a few of these too, they are pretty cool.