Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I sometimes wonder if there is such a thing as kismet or is it just co-incidence? Are there 2 people in the world thinking,doing or saying the same thing at the exact same time? We'll today I realized that it is absolutely possible for 2 people to be thinking the same thing at the same moment....

The scenario starts like this... My kids & I are walking into mcDonalds tonight & we see a young man sitting by the front door counting his money - he didn't ask for anything but you could tell he was counting his change for something to eat.

As I waited to pay for my food - the lady before me grabbed a cup & walked it to the guy she came back in I asked her if she bought him a meal? And she said yes...great see there both of us were on the same page - feeling for the guy & making sure he would eat! Not knowing each other but both of us being aware & wanting to be kind to someone less fortunate! Co-incidence????

Being totally truthful - I sure hope there were others thinking the same thing & ready to act on those thoughts! I hope!

Here's wishing more people are acting on their kindness...& helping!



Anonymous said...

God bless you!

Beauty, Body and Mind said...

This is a lovely story! You should be proud ! x saw you on the blog hop! Following you now!