Monday, January 14, 2013

Painting 101

I am not a paid artist in the sense that I get paid for giving lessons however, I do paint & create often and I DO sell my stuff and do make money on it. With that said I wanted to share my way of painting - I start alot of my collages this way and just went on this amazing binge---on INSPIRATIONAL paintings... so here is where you start:

grab some large canvases then grab your paint colors - choose and stick with what you like, I love robins egg blue  so I painted on some turquoise blue then added some white in the center...sort of dry brushed it which means a paintbrush with very little paint on it...get it dry brushing

Here is another beginning shot of adding paint to the canvas.
Here I just sort of squirted the paint onto the canvas no real pattern.


On this piece I added some bits of paper with some Modge Podge. Then added some paint in different areas of the canvas.

On this piece below I added yellow paint then dry brushed some white paint across the whole piece to mute the yellow a bit and I got some bubble wrap and added paint to one part (in a comntrasting color) then layed the bubbles over a corner of the dried paint then pressed and quick and easy texture was added...

I added some fun pinks and red paints and added some letter stickers to the center of the canvas then painted around them then I removed the letters and a quick and easy canvas for my mantel.

Here is a smaller canvas I made with the same methods as above...those circles you see there I just used the paint caps - dabbed some paint in white to the edge of the caps then pressed them onto the canvas
This canvas below was the red, white & pink canvas from above... I added some white scallops at the top then used a black graphite pencil to add depth to the sides and to the scallops.

 On the canvas below you will see the end result which started off with the large robins egg blue background canvas from up top

A bit of advice if you are planning on adding a saying then paint 1 solid color first on the whole canvas then wait for it to dry then add your stickers over it then paint over it till your hearts content.  Once done or at least to a stopping point  peel off the stickers. Then add your white accents and go over it all with black charcoal pencil and SMUDGE!
See what fun painting is and there are NO rules - you just add paint and scrape some off then add more and some paper - use stuff around the house to add texture to the canvas.
Have fun with it!!!
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Basement Stamper said...

Wow, you are definitely talented girl, wonderful paintings!